About us


Our company is interested in high and deep construction. Our major fields are as follow:

1. Building swimming – pools: reinforced concrete structures in different forms and sizes. Our speciality is in stretched surface water pools, with roman stairs, made of concrete, for which we have got our own designed and produced system of panels. We also built basin with steel jacket.

Apart from concrete, we can offer the new pools built from STYROPOR elements with lining.

Together with our partners, we have the ability to build complete swimming – pools with the engineering constructions and covering (tiling) it.

2. Detached houses, villa houses, from the point of planning to moving in: coordinating The stages of work with the engineering. .

3. Designing and building garden establishments from wood and brick, and paving stones

4. Building Exposed Concrete

5. Building construction, individual mouldings, making shutters